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New! Priority Registration for Spring 2022

PULLMAN CAMPUS-Registration for spring semester 2022 will begin November 8, 2021 according to the schedule below.

Vet Med Students November 8 (2pm)
Graduate Students November 8 (10 min intervals from 8:30-2pm)
Post-Bacc Students November 9 (8am)
Seniors November 9-10 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Juniors November 12 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Sophomores November 15-16 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Freshman November 17-18 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
U of I Coop November 22 (8am)
Non-Degree January 7 (8am)


Newly Admitted Students Registration Spring 2022

Pullman Campus- Registration for Spring 2022 will begin according to the schedule below.

Exchange November 18 (8am)
Former Students Returning November 22 (8am)
New Post-Bacc Students November 22 (8am)
Graduate Students December 1 (8am)
First Year Students January 6 (holds will prevent registering until date of orientation session)
Non-degree January 7 (8am)

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