Grade Posting Policy

Policy On Posting Students Grades

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April 26, 2007
Student grades (including final grades, mid-term grades and class assignment grades) may be posted, both on printed lists as well as on class websites, provided that the posting method maintains a high standard for data security and that student confidentiality is protected. Posting grades by name, student ID number or Social Security Number is not permitted under any circumstances. The best way to post grades is using an approved online learning environment where students must login using credentials that only the student knows and in which the student can only see their own record. Another method that protects student confidentiality is to assign randomly generated numbers to students in a class which only the student knows and then post grades along with these assigned numbers in numerical, not alphabetic, order. Classes with 10 or fewer students should not have grades posted in this manner, as protecting the identity of student records in small groups is difficult.
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