Catalog Proof Copy


2016-2017 Catalog Proof Copy

Academic Units – Instructions for editing the 2017 WSU General Catalog

Please review the faculty listing and departmental description from your unit’s portion of the WSU Catalog Proof Copy in the drop-down menu below. Return edits to by Friday, April 28th, 2017.

NEW THIS YEAR! To prepare for accreditation, the Provost’s Office is asking for all departments to review their student learning outcomes, certification requirements, and licensure requirements (if applicable) this year. The attached document provides the information that you will need to do this. If you have questions about the accreditation information, please contact Mary Wack at .

Editing Copy:

  • No Revisions: If there are no changes to your section, simply email Barb Schmidtlein. and confirm that there are "No Revisions".
  • Revisions: If making changes, copy and paste the section from the Catalog Proof Copy into a Word document then follow these instructions:
    1. For text to be deleted, please strikeout the text but leave it showing in the document. For text that needs to be added, please add and underline the new text.
      • Note:This process is easily done using Track Changes in Word. Here's how: Before starting edits, choose the "Review" tab in the Word program, select "Track Changes", then Track Changes in the drop down menu. Click on "Show Markup" and make sure "Insertions and Deletions" is checked. PLEASE uncheck "Comments".
    2. Leave the underlines and strikeouts in place when returning the document.
  • Major Revisions: If whole sections are being replaced, please provide new text for those sections only, and leave the old text in place with strikeouts. If Using "Track Changes", turn "Comments" on under the "Show Markup" and indicate where the insertion will go, if needed.
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Please check that your catalog content includes accrediation information, as specified by the Provost's Office (see document link above). Please keep in mind that any curriculum requirements must be information already approved by Faculty Senate.
  • Deadline for copy return: Friday, April 28th, 2017, so that the catalog is available for students attending new student orientation beginning June 6th.

Note: Requirements and course descriptions are not displayed in the Catalog Proof Copy since they may not be edited. Changes to courses and requirements that have been approved by Faculty Senate as of 3/23/2017 have been entered into the online catalog at Those from the 4/13/2017 meeting will be entered shortly thereafter.

Also Note! NEW DEGREES and DEGREE EXTENSIONS to other campuses must be approved by the Regents and WSU's accrediting body - the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) - before these can be advertised in the catalog and elsewhere.

If you believe a requirement or course description needs correction, or have any other questions about editing your catalog copy, please contact Barb Schmidtlein, at 335-5583 or

Thank you to all editors!

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