Application for Cancellation of Enrollment

Cancellation Of Enrollment, Spring 2019



  • This will cancel your enrollment at all WSU campuses for Spring 2019 only.
  • Be careful entering the information. Once your request is saved, you will not be able to make changes using this program.
  • This program has a 60-minute inactivity time-out. If 60 minutes pass with no activity between your browser and our server, all of the information you have entered to that point will be lost.
  • Please do not use the browser's back button. Use the buttons on the pages to navigate.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: This process asks you to provide us with important information that applies to you. You will be asked to provide information or make decisions in each of the following areas:

  • Your name and information about your enrollment
  • Information about why you want to cancel
  • Information about how to contact you
  • How to handle financial aid and other benefits
  • Our tuition adjustment policy
  • Your future educational plans

Contacts for campus-relevant information